Last updated: 26 Feb 2018.

Online Databases

Ascher, J. S. and J. Pickering. 2018. Discover Life bee species guide and world checklist
(Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila). [Draft 50, 24 Jan 2018]
Bee species guide:
Bee species world checklist:
[Note: Cited at least 250 times according to Google Scholar]

Ascher, J. S. and J. Pickering. 2009-2017. Discover Life/FAO World Bee Diversity:
Interactive checklists of world bees by country.

Ascher, J. S. 2006-2018. AMNH BEE specimen database.
Species list:

Ascher, J. S. 2006-2018. AMNH BEES species occurrence database.

Ascher, J. S. 2016. Collaborative databasing of North American bee collections within a
global informatics network project. iDigBio Darwin Core Archive Recordset.

Ascher, J. S., C. Eardley, T. Griswold, G. A. R. Melo, A. Polaszek, M. Ruggiero, P. Williams, K. Walker, and N. Warrit. 2008. Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) World Bee Checklist:

Ascher, J. S. 2006-2018. Discover life album: John Ascher and friends.
Species list (1773 taxa):