For Prospective Students

Please contact A/P John S. Ascher (email: if you have any questions or interest for the following research opportunities.

Research Scholarships from the National University of Singapore (NUS) are available for graduate students, including the The Lady Yuen Peng McNeice Graduate Fellowship for research in Southeast Asian biodiversity.

Ph.D. and Masters Opportunities

We seek to recruit qualified Ph.D. and Masters students with interest in insect diversity including but not limited to Hymenoptera, taxonomy, biogeography, ecology, and behaviour, and related topics. We can support work on microscopy, imaging, DNA barcoding, and population genomics.

New PhD Scholarship Opportunity (view here).


Undegraduate students in the NUS Department of Biological Sciences interested in pursuing UROPs or Honours projects under the Insect Diversity Lab are encouraged to query the PI, RA, and other lab members.