Exploring Stingless Bee Keeping and Research in Seremban, Malaysia

Over the weekend of 11-13 November, some members and affiliates of the Insect Diversity Lab drove up to Seremban, Malaysia to visit the local beekeepers and scientists involved in stingless bee keeping and research. This visit included stingless bee farms managed by Jeffry Iskandar Foo, and the Malaysia Genome Institute.

At Jeffry’s farm, we saw the hives of many species of stingless bees endemic to Malaysia. These hives were often constructed from wooden boxes or created from hollowed-out logs, where the bees would nest within. Jeffry was able to harvest the propolis used to construct nest entrances and the honey, which is simply squeezed from their honey pots.

A wooden box containing a stingless bee hive with the bee-constructed nest entrance.
Inside of the stingless bee hive with brood cells, pollen baskets, and honey pots.
We got to taste some of the stingless bee honey produced at the farm.

The Malaysia Genome Institute also had more stingless bee hives just outside the building, where our avid IDL members continued to observe stingless bees and take photos. We were also taken on a tour of the lab facilities within the Genome Institute, where we got to see the state-of-the-art technologies employed in their stingless bee research.

Our trip was warmly hosted by Dr. Abu Hassan Jalil as well as Mohd Noor Mat Isa, Mohd Razif Mamat, Dr. Nor Azfa Johari, and Halimah Alias from the Malaysia Genome Institute. We are deeply grateful to them for the opportunity  to visit their facilities and are also touched by their hospitality accorded to us for the duration of the trip.

Members and affiliates of the Insect Diversity Lab with our Malaysian hosts.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Stingless Bee Keeping and Research in Seremban, Malaysia

  1. Hi.. i am interested to start a home beehive.. where can i get a starter kit and more info about it? Appreciated.. thanks

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